ocular computed tomography
Drusen papillaires: intérêt des nouvelles imageries? EMconsulte.
Nerve fiber layer measurementss with scanning laser polarimetry in ocular hypertension. Arch Ophthalmol, 1997115331-4. Weinreb RN, Shakiha S, Zangwill L. Scanning laser polarimetry to measure the nerve fiber layer of normal and glaucomatous eyes. Am J Ophthalmol, 1995119627-36. Yamada K, Osako K, Tachibana, Okano M et al. Comparison of reproductibility of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness measure by optical coherence tomography and nerve fiber analyser.
Corps étrangers intraoculaires CEIO du segment postérieur: analyse rétrospective et prise en charge à propos de 57 cas EMconsulte.
Ultrasound biomicroscopic detection of anterior ocular segment foreign body after trauma Am J Ophthalmol 1998; 126: 197-202 inter-ref. Click here to see the Library, 21 Lakits A, Steiner E, Scholda C, Kontrus M. Evaluation of intraocular foreign bodies by spiral computed tomography and multiplanar reconstruction Ophthalmology 1998; 105: 307-312 cross-ref.
Tomographie en cohérence optique Wikipédia.
Médecine laser en Computed tomography laser mammography en IntraLASIK en Laser capture microdissection en Épilation laser Laser lithotripsy en Laser coagulation en Laser scalpel en Chirurgie au laser Laser thermal keratoplasty en Lasik Low level laser therapy en Tomographie en cohérence optique Photokératectomie réfractive Photorejuvenation en Soft-tissue laser surgery en Ablation laser Détatouage laser.
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In contrast to x-ray computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, OCT does not require. Optical coherence tomographs of human coronary artery A and a histologic section. of the optical power is increased up to 200 W the ANSI safe ocular exposure standard.
Lavulsion du nerf optique EMconsulte.
No improvement was noted. Optic nerve avulsion is often caused by sudden and forceful rotation of the eye with tearing of the optic nerve as it exits the globe. The nerve can be partially or totally avulsed. The prognosis is usually poor. Mots clés: Avulsion du nerf optique, traumatisme oculaire, échographie, scanner. Keywords: Avulsion of optic nerve, ocular trauma, ultrasonography, computed tomography.

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